Design / Build

In addition to custom residential construction, we also offer a full range of in-house design services ranging from feasibility study, schematic design,  permit drawings and construction details. We strive towards creating regionally appropriate, meticulously detailed and well-crafted projects. Our mission is to encourage the development and implementation of ecological building practices while designing intelligent, responsive projects that meet the highest expectations of our clients at the highest standards of economy, efficiency and quality. We offer an integrated design and construction process based on open communication with mutual respect and trust. This holistic approach to design and construction enables us to provide a high quality product based on the following:

Client collaboration - We assume the client wants to be an active participant in the design and construction of their home. By being involved, they are able to guide the course of the project towards the outcome they are striving for. It’s the design/build team’s job to provide the client with information necessary to make well-informed decisions based on cost, aesthetics, performance and impact.

Regionalism - In addition to utilizing local resources, labor and materials, we have a strong connection to place. This includes an understanding of the varying micro-climates and challenges of building in our unique pacific-maritime environment.

Accountability - One collective entity is responsible for how the end result looks, how much it costs and the timeline of completion. With ongoing budget analysis, more attention is given to pricing and scheduling throughout the entire process.


Expertise - Our Design/Build collaboration unites professionals from the design and construction fields. Working with builders who can think like designers and designers who can think like builders is tremendously advantageous to the overall outcome of a construction project.

Efficiency - Our Design/Build collaboration is involved from start to finish, adding an inherent efficiency. One of the strengths of a design/build working structure is its ability to be highly adaptive and responsive in the field. Decisions can be revisited and refined during construction without change orders, additional design fees or delays in the construction schedule.